My Decision 2

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Beginning life, I knew love should be waited for.

Love had to be perfect; not in the human’s view of perfect but perfect from Love himself; God 🙂

Painfully but very rewarding, I set out on a journey to love God only and know His nature of love, only then will I be able to love the man “He gave me” .

I always thought to myself, ” how could I marry one of God’s own priceless possession without His idea and knowledge of what Love really was”. I knew for sure I would mess up if I ventured out on my own. I was certain that the man God will bring to me or give me to will be one that he so cherished and seriously and jealously wanted to guard but then in trust.. He will give him to me and me to him that I may…

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My pain

Everyone told her she could not make it. No one in her home could be successful and also have a good marriage…

He came from a royal family ..knew no pain .. enjoyed every good thing.. Life to him was all fun and no sorrow.

They did not understand.. when it happened.. it seems she betrayed him .. it seemed he betrayed her.. he left.. leaving her devastated ..torn .. broken.. with a child.

Where would she turn to? how will she cope…

But then she found someone..who turned her pain into strength and made her complete even without him…

My pain!!!

My pain

My Growth 2


Tears run down her eyes as she remembered how she constantly encouraged her sister to stick close to God and steadily grow in him.

Today her sister is married and living a victorious life and here she was messed up in a love triangle with no strength to go back to God.

Wanting to love messed up her wall of safety. She allowed him in and pushed HIM out. How will Selassie handle this .

Boyd learnt more about God, begun ministry and heard God’s voice. Now was the time… the one who had been prepared as a help meet for him. A bible teacher versed in God’s word ready to teach him and help him grow.

Jealous for you

JealousWayne knew it all… he had women in his palms.. knew what made them turn, what made them weep, what made them smile…he was having the time of his life sampling all of them.

.. then disaster struck.. it was time to turn .. back to the very source.. he lost everything..

But will Wayne turn? …

Watch out for “Jealous for you”